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Flowwell Pumps &
Flowwell Engineering
Fowler Westrup (India) Private Limited
Laxmi Engineering
Premium Energy Transmission Ltd.
Flow well Pumps & Meters :-
  No Leakage :-  
  Handles toxic, explosive, expensive, hazardous, carcinogenic and corrosive fluids without leaking.  
  Airtight :-  
  Ideal for vacuum services or for fluids that react to contact with air.  
  No Shaft Seal :-  
  No mechanical seal. No gland packing.  
  No External Lubrication :-  
  Plumped fluid provides cooling and lubrication of motor and bearings. No lubrication leavels to check or maintain.  
  Vauum to High System Pressure :-  
  Rated to handle conditions from full vacuum to 5,000 Psi / 35 Mpa.  
  Compact Design :-  
  Motor and pumps are a single unit. No alignment is necessary. No grouting or elaborate foundation is used to cool motor. All rotating parts are within a thick shell container.  
  Quiet Operation :-  
  Low noise level since no fan is used to cool motor. All roating parts are within a thick shell container.  
  Explosion proof :-  
  Certified by TIIS(Japan), PTB (Germany) and many other authorities.  
  API 610 Nozzle Loads  
  Field Repairable :-  
  All wear parts are easily changed.  
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Canned Motor Pumps
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